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Dr Stephen Murphy


Stephen is a medical graduate of University College Cork since 1992. As a post graduate he trained in Medicine (General, Rheumatology, Endocrinology, Cardiology and Medicine of the Elderly),Psychiatry, Paediatrics (Paediatric Oncology and Paediatric Medical Assessment) and Accident & Emergency Medicine as part of the Cork GP Vocational Training Scheme. He has been a member of the Irish College of General Practitioners since 1997. Dr. Murphy currently holds lecturer status for under-graduate final year medical students with University College Dublin and is a GP Trainer with the Mid Leinster Vocational Scheme in UCD. He holds the following qualifications:


  • Irish College of General Practitioners

  • Diploma in Child Health

  • Diploma in Geriatric Medicine

  • Diploma in Therapeutics

  • Diploma in Musculosketal and Sports Medicine

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